Our Partnership Opportunities Are Designed To Fit Any Size Company

There are three separate partner levels; Gold, Silver, and Bronze.


White GloveYesYesNo
Analyst TrainingOnsite/OnlineOnline OnlyManual Only
Per Seat License$200 /Mo$200 /Mo$220 /Mo

20/20 Secure Partner Support

At 20/20 Secure we believe that partner support is important to the success of our programs.  Support levels vary from full live product support to hourly segments based on contractual agreements at the time of partnering.

  • Live Support

    Product support specialist available in person, phone, or email 24x7x365. Response time includes 24 hour for live support, and 1 hr response time for phone and email. Call for more details.

  • Email Support

    Email support means that a product support specialist is available 24x7x365, by email only.

  • Hourly Support

    Support is available to Bronze partners on an hourly basis only. Hourly support costs are established in individual contracts.

20/20 Secure Partner Level Training

Training is provided for both the Gold and Silver partners. Bronze partners can negotiate training into their individual contracts; however, it may be less costly to upgrade to Gold or Silver instead.

  • Gold Training

    Gold Partners receive in-person training that is also available online. There are two types of training provided, 1) Analyst Training and 2) Sales Training.

  • Silver Training

    You get FISA’s full range of online training materials, a curriculum to conduct full FISA™ engagements, Sales Consultants tools to effectively sell FISA™ assessments.

  • Bronze Training

    Gain access to FISA™ manuals, Bronze partners should provide additional training to their Analysts using other resources. and may choose to subscribe to other FISA™ training options.

20/20 Secure Additional Training & Support

Our support goes beyond the “What is FISA™” training, offering more specialized training along with marketing support to help you communicate the program to your customers and potential customers.

  • Analyst Training

    Includes Intensive 1 ½ day in-person training delivered by Certified Analysts. Partner Analysts will be proficient at conducting FISAs and consult about basic information security concepts.

  • Sales Training

    Intensive 1 day in-person or online training course by expert 20/20 Secure™ Sales Consultants. Receive the necessary knowledge & tools to effectively sell FISA™ assessments & how to identify additional opportunities.

  • Marketing Support

    All partners receive marketing support. Marketing support comes in the form of handouts, case studies, and other mass-marketing materials co-branding opportunities according to brand guidelines.

Need to know more about the benefits? Now you can find out why 20/20 Secure can help complete your security services to your customers.