Join 20/20 Secure’s Mission: To Fix the Broken Information Security Industry.

We believe in, and are committed to changing the conversation about Information Security. To start, 20/20 Secure™ is working diligently towards common information security measurements and promoting the use of a common language.


To speak the same language and use the same measurements, we need a community of partners to join us in our mission. By enabling our community of partners with our industry-best tools and methodologies, we work together to make a difference. Our trusted partners are uniquely positioned to provide their clients with best-in-class information security assessment services led by the common-language FISASCORE™. As more partners participate, the community grows!



New business opportunities are vast, and almost limitless! The FISASCORE enables new opportunities to engage clients; both existing and prospective. Information security is top-of-mind for many organizations, and having a solid offering to help clients is a great reason to talk! Using established standards and industry-accepted best practices, the FISASCORE gives clients an objective and relevant evaluation of their information security posture. By using the FISASCORE, partners can help their clients plan for new products and services aimed at reducing and/or managing tangible information security risks.


Concerns about Information Security are keeping many organizational leaders up at night. A FISASCORE brings additional value to existing client engagements by addressing these concerns and positioning trusted partners as a close Information Security resource. Armed with the FISASCORE, trusted partners are empowered to assist organizations in a more comprehensive manner; including both operational and security engagements.


Trusted Partners can leverage the tools and training they receive from 20/20 Secure in many ways. Expanding into new markets, offering additional security-related products, and developing new professional service offerings are possible by leveraging the experience and trust that the FISASCORE provides. Trusted Partners are uniquely positioned to evaluate the posture of clients and provide a seamless transition into remediation and risk reduction activities.



You’ve probably already thought about it. Maybe you’ve already started a program. If so, chances are you’ve encountered some roadblocks. 20/20 Secure has spent years understanding the information security industry and what it takes to build a successful practice.


You know that Cyber Insurance is one of the fastest growing insurance products. You also know that Cyber Insurance applications are difficult, complicated, and you’re probably questioning whether your clients are answering correctly and accurately.


Would you like to have a successful information security practice to compliment your CPA practice? Are you looking for new ways to add value to your clients and keep competitors out? If you have built a profitable security audit practice, we can help.


Large organizations are dependent on many information security programs: departments, subsidiaries, vendors, business units, etc. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a single dashboard that manages and communicates all those information security programs and tells you which ones are struggling the most?


Are you looking for a way to improve the repeatability and profitability of your information security practice? If you’re like us, you know it’s not easy building an information security consulting company. SecurityStudio gives your operations team a repeatable tool to generate industry leading information security assessments.


Start a successful Information Security practice!
Would you like to have a successful information security practice? Do you already have a practice but you’re spending too much time creating reports? 20/20 Secure has spent years understanding the information security industry and what it takes to build a successful practice.

“From a training perspective, I see it being a great benefit for our staff…it provides us with great consistency in terms of how we deliver it to our clients.”

Wade Hoffman, CTO – Earthbend

You’ve read about the benefits. Now you can find out how to become a partner with 20/20 Secure to help complete your security services to you customers.