Our Solutions Create True Results and Offer A Security Action Plan

20/20 Secure has spent years understanding the information security industry and what it takes to build a successful practice. We developed SecurityStudio™ and FISASCORE®  to give you the ability to quickly start your own practice and deliver industry leading information security services to your clients, rather than spending your time developing processes, spreadsheets and templates. We enable organizations to build and develop their information security offerings with our partner solutions.

A successful Information Security program is more than just software and hardware. A FISASCORE evaluates Information Security risks across all facets of Information Security; Administrative, Physical and Technical controls. Covering all facets of Information Security allows the FISASCORE to represent the most comprehensive evaluation of information security risks.

SecurityStudio provides the platform and toolkit for information security experts. SecurityStudio tools are focused on the evaluation and management of information security risks. Supporting the FISASCORE assessment process, SecurityStudio enables trusted partners to calculate a FISASCORE for their customers and clients.


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